The XXVII FriendshipsCityTournament 2012

Linus Nygren from Sunnersta AIF (SWE) scores 4-1 with a header from a corner kick.
Sunnersta AIF (SWE) - TPS (FIN)
The goalkeeper from TPS is ready.
KäPa (FIN) tries to score against JJK (FIN)
KäPa (FIN) - JJK (FIN)
Liepaja Metallurgs (LAT)
Jagellonia Bialystok (POL)
Tervarit (FIN) are warming up before their game.
Jussi Henriksson, the Coach for INTER (FIN)
BFA Vilnius (LIT)
Zenit (RUS)
FC Nõmme United (EST)
If some results are missing, it was eaten by the responsible for the results!
Liepaja Metallurgs (LAT) won the Bronze medal.
Veeti Virmakari from HJK was the Best player in the Tournament.
The best goalscorers (10): Ivan Norkin from Rubin and Lassi Lappalainen from HJK.
The Captain from Zenit with the Tournament Trophy.
HJK (FIN) was the best team from Finland (2nd)
Both teams after the final.
OLS (FIN) - Rubin (RUS)
Taking care of small injuries.
Rubin is warming up.
It was a tough tournament, but with fair play.
Rubin (RUS) - Sunnersta AIF (SWE)
Aiming strait forward.
Difficult to get through the defense.

Photos by Curt-Erik Laine, Kari Bäcklund and Елена Уткина