FCT is an internationell tournament
Corner for Åbo IFK and Ali Yasin scores the winning goal.
Inter tries to score against JJK...
...but the goalceeper got the ball.
Cornersituation during Grobinas - Inter (2-2)
EBK/Honka vs PLS, 0-2
The Experts grandstand!
Zenit-OLS 6-0
The flags from Turku District 90 years anniversery
Tobias Fagerström, TPS tries to break through the Kopse defense.
FCT is following Worldcup 2014...
...and uses "Hawk-Eye" technology!
Tobias Fagerström, TPS scores a penalty kick against Kopse
Jimi Vaarala (FC Santa Claus j) saves 3 of 4 penalty kicks against FC Inter
TPS (FIN) won the bronce medal.
Rubin (RUS) was 4th.
The referees in the final: Samuli Stenman, Ass. Juuso Kurokallio and Sami Rissanen
Skonto Riga (LAT) was second.
Best goalscorer (12 goals) was Abdiwaasa Huseen (TPS)
The best player was Tobias Fagerström (BK-46)

Photos by Kurre Laine.