FCT is an international tournament
One girl among the boys, but Marie Mäkinen from Valtti/IHU is as good as the they are.
Endrit Ahmeti from ÅIFK tries to score from a free-kick, but hits the crossbar.
ÅIFK tries to score against Petrozavodsk
Who get the ball first? (IHU/Valtti - Skonto Riga)
Corner situation (FC Jazz - KuPS)
Ville Valta (KuPS) scores a penalty goal against FC Jazz
Corner situation (Zenit-OrPa)
The goalkeeper keeps the ball (WJK-PPJ) and the referee Juha Laine checks the situation
Team Saimaa-FC Espoo
(13) FC Futura
Forth place: OLS
(sorry for the water drops on the lense)
Bronze: FC Nõmme United (EST)
(sorry for the water drops on the lense)
N:o 7 from Zenit tries to scoer, but Linus Virkki (KaaPo) makes a good save.
Free-kick, (13)
Free-kick, Zenit
Free-kick, Zenit
Free-kick, Zenit
Referees in the final: Samuli Stenman.
Assistant R: Sami Rissanen and Santeri Ojala
Most goals (9) in the tournament
Jaakko Malmivaara, FC Jazz
Joona Viskari, Team Saimaa
Henri Välja FC Nõmme United (picture)
Best player in the tournament, Emil Heinonen from KaaPo
Silver: KaaPo (FIN) and the best Finnish team
Champion: Zenit (RUS)

Photos taken by Kurre Laine