ÅIFK is ready for their game...
...while the teamleaders are thinking about tactics.
Åikäs from Inter are passing the ball to the forwards.
Inter are trying to score against Petrozavodsk.
Corner kick for Inter.
Full speed forward (TPS 2 - KäPa)
Tammeka tries to score against KJP after a corner kick.
Zalgirietis (LIT) 4th place in the tournament
Antti Lunden scores (2-0) for TPS in the bronze match.
TPS was the winner of the bronze match
Nikita Kozlov (4) from Zenit was the best player in the tournament
Referees in the bronzematch: Iida-Sofie Marttia, Rosa Tuomi and Samu Halmetniemi
Referees in the final: Joni Keto-Fokoi, Atte Mäki and Iida-Sofie Marttia
The best goalscorers, 8 goal, Atte Haapaniemi from KJP and Viktor Johansson from TPS
Ilves was the best team from Finland and came second
The winner for the 14th time: Zenit (RUS)