Pauli Koski, The Chief of the Tournament
If you are the Chief there's no job you can deny. (The referee didn't show up)
Rubin (RUS) - TPS (FIN)
The last penalty in the Bronze match for Skonto Riga (LAT)
Prices for the 3rd and 4th.
KäPa (FIN), fourth place
Skonto Riga (LAT), third place
The goalie stops Zenit's attemp on goal.
The referee in the Final (Antti KOlehmainen, Jani-Petteri Ylikännö ja Eimari Sario)
The best scorer and player in the tournament, Egor Smelov (17) Zenit (RUS)
The captain of Zenit gets the Trophy of the tournament
JJK (FIN), second place
Zenit (RUS) Winner of 2019

Pictures by Curt-Erik Laine and Tiina Koski Os Aaltonen