The tournament will be played according to the rules of the Finnish Football Association and FIFA.


Playing periods and form

The teams will be devided into 8 groups, each group containing 4 teams. The teams of each group will meet in a single round.

The two best teams within each group will deside positions 1-16, the third and the forth positions 17-32.

The playing period is 2 x 25 min. Tied play-off matches will be decided by penalty kicks.
The penalty kick in play-off games starts with 3 player and if needed by one from both teams until we got a winning team. All player in the Squad can take part in the penalty kick.
In the Final and the Bronze match we start with 5 player.


The final order of the group

The order of the group will be decided by the points scored. The winning team will be credited with 3 points and when tied, both teams with 1 point. In the case of two or more teams having the same number of points after the group matches the following rules will be applied:

1. all the teams, having the same number of points will be rescored according to the matches between tied teams. Then the final order is based on: a) point difference, b) goal difference, c) Goals scored.

2. if still tied, the final order is based on the match(es) between those teams.

3. if still no difference cannot be made when applying rules 1 or 2 the final order is based on a) goal difference, b) goals scored in all group matches.

4. if still tied when applying rule 3, the final order is based on the match(es) between those teams.

5. if still tied, the final order will be executed by lottery.


Match regulations

1. All teams must submit to the organizers a list of players with dates of birth. The numbers of the jerseys must correspond with the numbers on the list.

2. Reversal substitutions are allowed. The number of substitutions is free.

3. If both teams have similar jerseys, the team mentioned last will be required to change.

4. Expelled player is not allowed to participate in the next match.

5. A team, which will not show up in time for a match and without a valid excuse, will be declared by a score 0-3.



The protests must be made no later than half an hour after the match. The protests will be judged by a four-man jury appointed by the organizers. The decisions of the jury will be final.